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Damato (El Toro-W’WP;  Princeton), Uhl (Trabuco Hills-BASE; LMU), Smith (St. Margaret’s-M’SOC; NYU), Stein (Dana Hills-M’XC; U.C. Santa Barbara), Holt (Laguna Hills-W’TR; Chico State), Tam (Corona del Mar-W’BASK; San Diego Christian), Telles (Santa Margarita-BASE; U. Hawaii, Hilo), Cornish (Trabuco Hills-BASE; San Francisco State), Lichty (San Juan Hills-W’GOLF; CSU San Marcos), Podres (Dana Hills-M’GOLF - Cal Poly, SLO), Zeimantz (Beckman-FB; Claremont McKenna) Coppi (Dana Hills-M’XC; Furman), Weiner (Out-of-Area Ref-BASE; Hawaii Pacific U.), and Julian & Julian Alfaro (Long Beach Poly-FB; Coe College & Concordia, IL) to name a few.


CSQ Program:  “Hi Jennifer, I want to let you know Rachael moved into her dorm yesterday and begins practice with Vanguard today.  I was thinking about you… I think the journey Rachael took with your help which included her following-up with the college coaches' contacts you sent her, helped shaped her and prepared her for when the scholarship offers came in.  She is thrilled to be at Vanguard, loves the coach and her teammates, and is off to a good start there.  I have recommended you to a few other people including a high school counselor.  We have been very satisfied and impressed with all you did for Rachael."  Christine Barker, parent of Rachael, a graduate from West Torrance high school; currently playing volleyball at Vanguard University

CSQ Program:
“Jennifer, I will be attending Westmont College and competing on the Cross Country team next year.  I received an athletic scholarship, and it was all because of your help and so thank you so much!  I remember when Westmont was just another name on the list of colleges I contacted over a year ago.  I couldn’t be any happier with the result; your support was crucial to my decision and direction during my college search.  Thanks for everything!"  Evan Kramer, a graduate from Foothill High School

Junior Year Program:  “Our son received numerous phone calls on July 1st the first day NCAA Division I college coaches were able to call him.  Thank you for all your help and advice.  I'm so glad we made the very worthwhile investment in CSQ; you have both prepared us well and advised us well for this process.  Every time I hear a recruiting talk at a baseball camp, I realize that I have already heard the information long ago from you. And now that our son is communicating directly with coaches, we especially appreciate all the detailed information you provided our family. Your suggestion to watch college baseball has been invaluable!  A 30 minute investment at a game reveals so much; the chemistry of a team, the coaching technique, the level of play, and the facility itself.  It also gave us a chance to talk to parents about the program, the school, the other players, and the coaches. We gleaned a lot of great information in a short period of time.  Again, I thank you for your suggestion on that, as well as the many other great tips you shared with us.”  Cathy White, parent of Harrison, St. Margaret’s high school

Sophomore Year Program: Jennifer, we attended your seminar last spring, and enrolled into the sophomore year program then.  I just want to thank you for your services and insight!  You have provided our family with information including “how to” get the best opportunity for our son.   Our son has since been communicating and following-up with college coaches, and he has become confident in his communication abilities, and he is well on his way to finding a great college for both academics and soccer.  Thank you again so far for your plethora of information; we look forward to working with you over the next two years.”  Ellyn Benhamida, parent of Jamel, formerly from University high school

Freshman Year Program
Evan attended USC's Camp Lineman Camp in June.  Evan was one of very few freshmen and he was up against some very big and very strong linemen.  I think it was a real "reality check" for him, and absolutely a great way for him to see his competition. Evan also loved the tour of Notre Dame he took in May, and we are planning on sending him to their Camp next summer.  We also participated in campus tours of the USD and USC this summer.  Thank you for helping Evan to be prepared for the summer!”  Anna Morff, parent of Evan, Valencia high school

CSQ Program:  “Jennifer and CSQ provide a very smart, pragmatic and real world approach to coach youth athletes into college athletics. She doesn't give you want you want or what sounds good, but rather really gives you what you need and provides true practical expertise, advise, and a system to help athletes determine what is reality and how to get it. And most importantly she emphasizes the athlete not only participating in, but owning the process, which is a huge value unto itself which build maturity and the students appreciation and value for "earning it", rather than "being handed it". I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to help their student athlete pursue collegiate sports careers.” Steve Perkins, Parent of Tyler Perkins, graduate from Northwood high school; currently attending Cal Poly, SLO and playing football


Lin (Corona del Mar-M’SWIM; Princeton), Slobodien (Santa Margarita Catholic-WP; USC), Patton, Woodbridge-FB; Yale),  Ludiazo, (Hawaii, Out of Area-FB; Western Oregon), Parker (Dana Hills-M’Track (Throws); CSU, Long Beach), Reimers (Mater Dei-W’BASK; Colorado College), Scifres (Santa Margarita Catholic-W’TR; Chapman), Pino (Crean Lutheran-XC; Lipscomb University), Gloude (San Juan Hills-M’SWIM; Ohio State or Community College (decision pending), Salas (El Dorado-W’BASK; l - New Mexico State), Badea (University-M-SOC; MIT), Estes (Trabuco Hills-W’BASK; Whitworth University), DiSanzo (Edison-W’SOC; Kansas Wesleyan), Z. Kennedy (Woodbridge, transferred-FB; Maryville College, Tennessee),  T. Kennedy, Woodbridge, transferred-M’SOC; Clarke University, Indiana), Davis (Foothill-M’LAX; Texas A&M (MCLA), Saba (University-W’BASK-Irvine Valley College), Shreve (San Juan Hills-M’SOC; Chapman (no sport), Vosberg (Mira Costa-M’SOC; Arizona (no sport), Kurtz (Santa Margarita Catholic-M’TEN; Pepperdine (no sport), Palmer (Dana Hills-M’SOC-Oregon (no sport), Sarchet (Woodbridge-W’BASK – Cal, Berkley (no sport), Fusselman (Trabuco Hills-M’SOC; Cal State, Monterey Bay (no sport) and  Morff, Valencia, FB; Long Beach State (no sport) 2015 ... Forrest (Mater Dei-FB; Cal), Canning (Santa Margarita-BASE; UCLA),  Duncan (Corona del Mar-BASE; YALE), Healy (Foothill-LAX, St. Mary’s), Likins (Dana Hills-WP; UCSB), Leckich (Dana Hills-SWIM; Concordia), Keller (Los Al-WP; Pepperdine), Chung (Beckman-BASE; Midland), Yasko (Newport Harbor-SWIM; UOP), Knights, Northwood-XC; Cal), Stroot (Santa Margarita-SOC; Pepperdine),  Hufford (Newport Harbor-FB; U.C. Davis), von Spreken (Yorba Linda-SB; USD),  Bermudez (Costa Mesa-XC; Academy University of Art, SF), Henderson (Mission Viejo-TR; Princeton), LeVecke (Mater Dei high-WP; LMU), Bourassa (University-BASE; Chapman), Rogers (Woodbridge-BASE; Chapman), Karas (Corona del Mar-SWIM; Princeton), Leduc, Trabuco Hills-FB; Washington U., St. Louis, Neiger (Corona del Mar-WP; UCSB),  Berkaw (Woodbridge-club LAX; Cal Poly, SLO), Russek, OOA- club LAX; Chico State), Best (Yorba Linda-club WP; Cal Poly, SLO) and Benhamida (OOA-Brazil; Soccer) 2014.... Begg (SMC-FB; ASU), Henderson (UNI-SWIM; Cal Poly, SLO), Kloes (Mira Costa-BASK; Claremont McKenna), Anselmo (TH-VB; U. of Pacific), Archer (HB-SOC; Fort Lewis College), Brown (FH-SOC; Cal Poly, Pomona), Grabowski (SMC-TR; Boston University ), Hershbain (FH-SOC; Union University), Tanner (TH-BASE; U. Northern Colorado), Czemeres (YL-BASE), Royer (Marymount-SOC), Bracha (IRV-BASE), Torres (JSER-XC), Nelson (OLU-Golf), Walthour (VAL-SWIM), Clarke (AH-XC), Lapidus (TES-XC), Lawson (FH-BASK), Chavez (TES-WP), Nellessen (NorthW-FB), Underwood (DH-BASK), Cruse (SH-BASK), Farello (El Segundo-XC), Prescott (SJH-GOLF) … Settles (CM-VB; Johnson & Wales), Desai (UNI-XC; U. Penn), Simpson (Loara-VB), Haldeman (TH-FB), Salottolo (OLU-BASK), Delehaut (IRV-BASE), Mayeaux (MARINA-BASE), Semmelroth (EDI-SWIM), Shimizu (BASK-WB) - White (St. Margaret’s-BASE; Yale), Valdez (Western-BASE; CSU Northridge), Romine (El Toro-XC; Lipsomb) - Martinez (SMC-VB; U. San Diego)  - Miyashiro (SMC-SOC; Ohio State) 2013... Marfone (LH-BASK; U. C. Davis), Witt (SMC-BASE; U. Penn), Craig (from Oregon-FB; U. Montana), Rodrigues (CDM-TR; Columbia), Bates (AN-SOC;  U. Hawaii), Tejeda (Servite-FB; Stonehill College), Barker (West-VB; Vanguard University),  Willis (JSER-XC; U.C. Irvine),  Young (MV-TR; East Carolina University), Susolik (CDM-SB; Kenyon College), Morgan (KEN-BASE:  Concordia), Molnar (AN-BASE; Chapman), Kramer (Foothill-XC; Westmont),  Lucia (HB-WP; Concordia) - Quenneville (Edison-XC;CSU Monterey Bay), Elespuru (SC-FB; U. Penn), Plummer (AN-VB; Concordia), Williams (AN-XC; Nova Southeastern U.), King (NorthW-FB; U.San Diego), and Mojaher (SMC-SOC; USC) 2012… Perkins (NorthW-FB; Cal Poly, SLO), Loper (TH-VB; U. Portland), Hundley (SMC-GOLF; Colorado Christian U.), Bentley (TES-BASE; U. Buffalo), Holman (SJH-LAX; Marymout U.), Karr (OLU-BASK; U. Idaho), Taber (SMC-SOC, LAX: Eckerd College), Markovsky (OLU-FB; U.S. Naval Academy), Thompson (MAR-SOC: Pomona-Pitzer), Decker (JSER-XC, TR; Dartmouth), Whalen (Phillips Academy-FENC; Brown), Fishman (SC-WREST; Northwestern College), Martalero (OOA-WREST; CSU San Francisco), Hanrahan (CAPO-XC; Cal Poly, SLO), Geimont (SMC-TR; U. Indiana) 2011…  Collins (AN-XC; U.C. San Diego), Wilson (TH-BASK; U.S. Military Academy)… Crum (Troy-VB; American), Chavez (El Dorado-SWIM; Arizona State), Jachetta (El Toro-SOC; St. Mary’s), Kessler (MV-SOC; CSU Stanislaus), Freiberg (NH-FB; Colorado),  Harris (Los Al-VB; Portland), Smith (CDM-SOC; Colgate), Acosta (MV-SWIM; San Jose State), Richards (Los Al-LAX; Connecticut - academics), Fetters (MV-VB; Northwest Christian) 2010... Mahoney (SC-SOC; Southern Oregon), Devlin (TH-FB; Mesa State), Araujo (Rosary-VB; Florida International), Rohan (Newport Harbor-FH; Miami of Ohio), Trantow (Arlington-SOC; CSU Bakersfield), Ward (Woodcrest Christian-BASK; CSU Monteray Bay), Cordova (Marina-SOC; Dominican), Keimach (WB-SOC; UCSD), Ortiz (WB-2008-SOC; San Francisco State) 2009.... Murillo (El Toro-BASK; Concordia), Allen (AN-XC; U. San Diego), Rubel (LB-SOC; Emory), Wagner (NorthW-BASE; Purdue), Capiobianco (LB-SOC; UC San Diego), Cascinai (Referral; OOA-SOC; Willamette),  Duran (ESP-SOC; Chapman), Jones (Rosary-BASK; Notre Dame - academics), Walters (Home Schooled-TEN; UCLA), Roseberry, (Referral; OOA-SOC; BYU, Hawaii) 2008... McNaughton, (Mater Dei-FB; Northern Arizona), Cole (Los Al-SOC; Cal Poly, SLO), Glynn (LBW-BASE; Connecticut), Turner (OLU-Track; San Jose State), Brown (Santa Monica-SOC; Northwestern), Stark (Oak Park-TR; UCLA), Herrera (MV-SOC; Vanguard), Fancher (HB-FB; Washington), Brown (NorthW-BASE; BIOLA), Fillmore (MLK-XC; Redlands), Yegge (Redlands-VB; U. New Hampshire), and King (San Diego-Track; St. Francis) 2007.


"When we first started the program, we had no idea if our son was even good enough to compete in college.  Jennifer emphasized the importance of visiting colleges and so we did just that, and I think it was then, the reality of college started sinking in for our son, and for us as parents.  College Sports Quest provided valuable and "sport specific" information pertaining to our son's sport and what may be expected of him at the different college competition levels.  As it turns out, our son is not only able to compete at the next level but he is already near NCAA Division I times, and he's only a junior in high school.  This entire process has helped motivate my son so much, he's competiting at his best, ever!  We will continue moving forward for now, and no doubt, this program has 100% helped our son progress with the recruiting process; a "process" as parents, we didn't even know existed."  Parent, Aliso Niguel HS

"This whole process is like a whirlwind. College Sports Quest has been excellent to bring our family into "reality" of the recruiting process; what's entailed, attending camps, contacting college coaches, NCAA rules, and more.  We feel so much pressure, and thankfully, CSQ has helped take some of the pressure off ourselves, and our daughter.  Thank you for being so honest with us!  
Our investment has already saved our family so much but most importantly it has really helped us make the right decisions for our daughter.  For any parent with a child who is considering college sports in the future; the sophomore program is unmatched!” Parent, Santa Margarita Catholic HS

"This program has taught my son life and business lessons; it’s like applying for a job!  You cannot speak with the CEO of a company until you work your way through the H.R. department which entails follow-up and persistence!  It’s the same communicating with college coaches; the student-athlete must be involved, and like Jennifer says, follow-up is key but young people need to be taught “how” to follow-up.  Jennifer does a really great job teaching them!"  Parent, Trabuco Hills HS

The last session you taught really started to get my son's mind thinking...!  I don't think he or myself, had any idea what was involved in this process. 
And, I really liked the way you addressed the kids, it is all about them and they better be able to speak coherently (to college coaches) about it all.   We're really excited about continuing to move ahead on this recruiting train."  Parent, Orange Lutheran HS

"My daughter consulted with Jennifer at College Sports Quest concerning her desire to play college sports.  She was recruited for both tennis and soccer and Jennifer provided valuable insight and assistance in her college planning and her ultimate decisions on what college to attend.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer for her knowledge, her effectiveness, the value of her services and her integrity."
Parent, Rosary HS

“Hello Jennifer, Alec was accepted to University of Redlands & they offered him a large Grant!  I just want to say thank you!  To be honest, I don't think the University of Redlands would have even come up on our radar as we looked at colleges. It's a great school, the coaches are great and it has a real positive energy about campus.  Alec loves it, and is really looking forward to going there and competing on the cross country team. I really do believe in fate and faith and it was just meant to be when we first met you in Mammoth, and then set up a meeting, sent out the E-mail, and all that has happened since then.  We really appreciate the fact that you put many "realistic" college choices on the list of coaches to E-mail rather than us sending information to schools and college coaches that Alec would never even have a shot at in academics or in finances Again, thank you for all your help & encouragement!  Parent, Martin Luther King HS

“A Young Man’s Dream Come True”

Everest grew-up on an Indian Reservation on the California and Oregon borders.  As a junior in high school, Everest stood 6-6, 250 pounds.  Everest had dreams of playing college basketball but nobody knew about him.   And so, when the Schmidt family was referred to College Sports Quest, that’s when Everest’s “quest” to play college basketball began.  CSQ recommended Everest get a professional evaluation to determine where he may fit in at the college level.   During the summer going into his senior year, he flew to southern California for a training session with a private basketball instructor.  College Sports Quest then found a club team for Everest so that he could compete in college “exposure” tournaments such as Las Vegas and the Pump Best of Summer Camp among others.  As a result of the hard work, dedication and determination of the Schmidt family, Everest signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI) to play basketball for Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, an NCAA Division I school, where he eventually graduated from

“Inspiring Story of a 7th Grader”

Jennifer first met with this family before the son entered the 7th grade.  The discussion included preparing your child for high school athletics, sports specific information, club and travel teams, and choosing the "right" high school and athletics program.  When we met, the son was already considered a "Professional Musician" having performed at the highest level in both the USA and internationally.  After all, he had been playing the piano, violin and horns since he was three years old.  He had dreams of one day becoming a Composer.  He also had natural athletic talent and wanted to get involved in a sportTogether, it was determined tennis may be a good fit, and it was then Jennifer recommended the son join the USTA, Juniors. Shortly thereafter, he played in his first tennis tournament, and ended up winning a trophy!”