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Our Programs are Unique and Tailored Specifically for Each Family.

"By the time a child graduates from high school, the average family has spent nearly $100,000 on the child's sports career alone.”

College Sports Quest offers a variety of programs for high school student-athletes.  Our programs are unique and tailored specifically for each family.  The versatility that our programs offer can greatly benefit the student still working hard to find their niche.  CSQ offers full-time or part-time assistance, and is able to develop a plan based on your family's needs and resources.  After all, trying to manage the college recruitment process on your own may be a daunting task, and that's why College Sports Quest may be able to help you!

The competition for a spot on a college campus is reaching epic proportions. There are nearly 40 million teenagers nationwide and growing.


  • 2017 high school graduates will be the largest graduating class from high school ever.
  • In California, the ratio of high school students to guidance counselors is 1000:1.
  • Average U.C. admissions; 4.0 GPA & 1300 SAT
  • Average costs for a four-year college education: $60,000 - $250,000


College Sports Quest resources include individuals, companies and organizations in the academics and the sports related industries; academic advisors, financial aid specialists, SAT & ACT test preparatory, private tutors, sports specific and private training instruction, strength, speed and conditioning coaches, sports psychologists, sports nutritionists, sports medicine, video production & editing specialists, and more.

In addition, College Sports Quest has a network of college coaches nationwide looking for talent from the southern California and Orange County areas. 

Seniors - it's not too late to get recruited!  Many college coaches are looking specifically for talented senior student-athletes to fill their program needs.  Therefore, if you are a senior with the talent, focus and determination to play in college, College Sports Quest may be able to help you get there. 

The junior year is the most critical year in college recruiting; by the start of your child's junior year, the majority of college coaches have already identified student-athletes they may eventually recruit. College Sports Quest provides families with the direction, tools, resources, and recruiting expertise for student athletes to get recruited by the colleges of their choice.

The freshman and sophomore years in high school are important in planning for college. College Sports Quest provides families with valuable resources and information as well as answers to all your questions. You will learn the advantages and/or disadvantages of attending college sports camps, which may be KEY to the entire college recruiting process. In addition, we will also help your child get a head start on the junior year, which is the most critical year in college recruiting.

College Sports Quest is NOT a recruiting service.  We are educational based.  College coaches have informed us the most effective form of communication is between a student-athlete and a college coach, therefore, that is the method in which we practice.